Monday, October 19, 2015

Filthy Fifty

I will no longer make excuses for such spotty posting...other than I have allowed my priorities to change from a daily record of my activity to an occasional highlight of my activity.
A week ago, October 11, I again rode the 50 mile gravel ride in Stewartville, Minnesota. Last year, I did get in a few gravel training rides. This year, I did no gravel riding prior to the event, only a handful of cyclecross training evenings with the local cyclecross enthusiasts. The result was merely a 7 minute slower overall time. This year included a 10 minute stop for a free beer at an unpublicized  rest stop.

347, that be me...
Coke, Rum and Coke, Hamms, or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale...Thanks Banjo Bros. for the Sierra at a time when sorely needed!

My legs were cramping during the final 20 miles but I am very happy to have ridden the event and achieve yet another official finish...made me reminisce to the Black Hills 50 ultra a few years ago and wish I had run to a finish there, as well!