Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to Backs Revisited

As the date for the 50 approaches, I've begun to ponder where to get another 30 miler into the schedule.  By some accounts I've passed the date to put forth the effort and still benefit.  Bu also there's the psychological edge I'd gain from another longer effort.  But one thing I hadn't considered is the time I'm spending on the trails and that value regardless of the miles I log in the book.

Before I started the build-up, a 10 mile day was a "long" run so if I did 10 two days in a row...was this a back to back?  Now 10 is more or less standard or even "just warming up" so is a 10/15 still a back to back or must I reach 20/30?  Interestingly enough, my body doesn't use the mileage I write down to decide if it's a back to back but rather it uses fatigue.  In that case, if I don't achieve adequate recovery overnight, I'm still piling on a more difficult workout on top of an already worked body.  Perhaps my evening "recovery" walks are at times setting me up for a more difficult effort the next morning rather than more rested.

Therefore, I concluded that based on the times I've been putting in on the trails, I've reached a fitness and confidence level for the 50 that should allow me to get through the entire distance regardless of whether I put in another 30 mile workout or not.  Due to a busy weekend, I'll not be running long until at least Monday.  I think I'll enjoy the next three days and see if my legs get fresher again.  If they do, then I may try for that 30 on Monday.  That still leaves plenty of time to sharpen before the trip to South Dakota.  If they still feel heavy after this weekend, I'll simply back off to another 20 and coast on in the next two weeks.

15 for the morning, hiking in the evening.  389.5 for the month of highest monthly total ever.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bandits...not race intruders but raccoons!

One of the bonuses of walking at dusk is you can sometimes get a bit closer or even surprise wildlife.  That's been the case the past couple nights as I was out for my hikes.   Busy little shapes ahead of me has turned out to be raccoon in more than one location.  They scurry off to the nearest tree then sit there waiting to see if I pay them any additional attention.  Interesting to see as long as they're running away rather than towards. I worked on a rabies project during college and would not want to unnecessarily risk being bitten by a raccoon.

I wanted an easier day again today and it was relaxed.  Turns out we may be travelling this weekend and that could interfere with my plans for another 30 miler on Friday.  Perhaps I'll try that tomorrow if my legs feel fresh enough, otherwise it'll be put off till Monday.  There's no way I'll attempt a 30 in Chicago!

10 miles this AM.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't Know Spit

There was a great change in the weather that allowed for cooler, dryer conditions...but it was still very windy.  Once I hit the trail, it felt really good and relaxed to run and I didn't feel the need to rest the knees very often.  I tacked on an extra 5 in the middle and clipped through in what seemed like no time at all.

When I was running past some of the plants along the path, I noticed the tell-tale sign of the spittlebug, also known as a "froghopper".  I've noticed the froth on the plants before but in today's sun I just had to stop briefly for a photo!

From Wikipedia:
The froth serves a number of purposes. It hides the nymph from the view of predators and parasites, it insulates against heat and cold, thus providing thermal control and also moisture control. Without the froth the bug would quickly dry up. The nymphs pierce plants and suck sap causing damage, and much of the excess filtered fluids go into the production of the froth, which has an acrid taste, deterring predators.

15 miles this AM and hiking yet this evening.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Slower than a Toad

Historically, I have found that I'll be more stiff and sore on the 2nd day following a race, but today I actually felt better than yesterday.  The hamstrings do still have some extra tightness but I felt very good and relaxed while running.  Wanting to be a bit conservative, I decided against adding an extra 5 mile loop and headed home for a standard 10!

I wasn't quite fast enough with getting the camera out to capture an image of an American Toad along the trail. When dog-sitting either of Cory's dogs, they have been adept at toad hunting when hiking these trails.

(borrowed image)

10 miles this AM.  Hike yet this evening.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lucky Stiff

Due to the race, I was obviously stiff this morning, however, there was nothing to indicate any injury as a result of the faster pace on pavement. I was able to run at will on the trail and chose to take it easy.  It's my wedding anniversary so wanted to get home in good time plus it was warming up quite quickly and humid.

There were a surprising number of runners and hikers on the trail this morning plus a strange sighting of a remote controlled car with no owner in sight.  I later passed a set-up in a nearby field where radio transmitters and antennae were mounted with the operator sitting in his station wagon watching a TV screen.  He must have been controlling the car via the transmitter and the car must have had a camera for navigation!  Pretty cool to have observed.

6 miles in the AM. 3 miles at dusk. the week's total was 82.5 miles

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mind Games - --- the Stu Race Report

There's nothing like a race to help you experience the mind games that creep in when you push yourself physically. I wanted to see if the work I've been putting in has been helping me as much I hoped.  A four mile race gets you to an anaerobic state pretty quickly.

I saw Alan Mills, a successful age-grouper, at the start line and decided to use him to help gauge my effort.  The start went out quickly and I wasn't very far back from leaders, Chris Jensen and Cody Manchester.  I dropped in behind Alan and after the first half-mile thought the pace was manageable so took off on my own.  By the 1st mile, other runners (that I no business running ahead of) began to pass and I eventually fell into line where I belonged.

My goal today, based on the past and tweaked by recent training runs, was to hit somewhere between 28 and 30 minutes.  Mile one was 6:31 so I knew I was too fast or off on my pre-race assessment. Mile two was 7:10 so the adjustment was taking effect.  Mile 3 went by at 7:32 and this was where the mind was trying to convince me of backing down, saving myself for a longer run tomorrow, not hurting myself on pavement, etc.  But then I realized that I needed to suck it up and just finish this damn thing so went through the final mile in 7:02...ahead of Alan but I had forgotten that local friend, Rick Kammerer, is also in his 50's and he ran ahead me at 27:23 to my 28:16. So I was 2nd in the 50 -59 group but also the consolation of being the oldest 50-year-old as I turn 60 in a month and a half.

There was a good turn out and early morning thunderstorms cleared out in time to get the race in and have the Band Festival Parade.  Watching the parade, my wife and I were able to visit with the Ventura band festival queen from 1942 who was sitting next to us.  

I was pleased to reach my goal time and to get some needed race experience.  It's been a while since I've allowed myself to go into race mode.

Music in the park tonight...Rocket Club.

LoCash Cowboys ... blurred by alcohol?

6 miles around the race..2 more hiking to the parade...another recovery hike tonight.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Who's Counting

4 weeks until the Black Hills 50.

I've mentioned being driven to hit certain numbers of miles per day or per week and being a little less worried about those numbers in retirement.  Today while I was out for an easy run, with the race coming up tomorrow, and thought about how when I was logging miles a few years ago.  I would never count the miles that I hiked (or walked with purpose) but now I do.  There are a few reasons for my change in, I sometimes walk nearly as fast as some of my runs these days...two, I've come to learn the value of easy days...three, when competitors participate in ultras, they still count the distance covered in their race total even when walking is part of the race strategy.

So, therefore, I'm achieving some consistent and greater weekly mileage than in my past because of my inclusion of the hiking miles.

On the trail today, I saw the emergence of some Wild Parsley...once blooming, do not run through this pretty little yellow patch of flowers or you may find yourself broken out as if you'd hit some Poison Ivy!

7 miles this morning and likely 3 more tonight unless the rain continues to fall.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holding Back

Yesterday, I wrote that I cut the run short because I didn't feel good and I want to be fresh enough to race this weekend. Today, I again held back but this time for the opposite reason, I felt so good that I didn't want to run too fast or too far.  I could easily run at a good pace with no pain in the knees.  I wish I could figure out the combination for this feeling so I can coincide it again with the Black Hills Race!

Saw an interesting wildflower out in the Badlands Loop today...a Large-flowered Beardtongue.

10 quick miles on the morning. Intend to hike yet this evening.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Stu --- Training Through Shorter Races?

I can certainly understand why it's not recommended to build short races  into an ultra training program.  The race will generally be on a weekend when the athlete finally has time to put in the longer depending on how dedicated the runner is to achieving a fast time, the long run is compromised by the shorter race distance or perhaps recovery from the faster effort.  Fortunately for me, my semi-retirement allows for a shift of the longer runs to almost any day of the week.

I have entered a 4 mile race this weekend that is a tribute to a local runner. Stu's dad was one of the first runners I was aware of in Mason City.  I watched Stu develop as a runner through high school and  raced against him many times as he improved at road racing.  I've only missed two of the 23 years for the race.  Therefore, even if I want to put in additional distance on Saturday, I will run the race first and see how the legs feel.  But that brings me back to the point about how a shorter race affects the training.  I want my legs to be fresh on Saturday and they were definitely heavy today, so I cut my planned mileage back and took it very easy.

A blurb written by Stu Nevermann's mother is included on the entry forms:

——— About Stu ————
Growing up Stu loved all sports. Stu played football in 9th grade but weighing less than 100 lbs., he switched to cross country and track. During the summer, Stu traveled North Iowa running road races with his dad Le.
Stu graduated from Mason City High School in 1982 as an honor student lettering in cross country and track. Four years later Stu received a degree in actuarial science from the University of Iowa. Stu married and went on to work for Principal Financial Group in Des Moines. Stu’s life ended abruptly at the age of 25 with a heart ailment called hypertrophic myopathy. He lived his life well in 25 years. He had an excellent mind and didn't waste it. He had physical skills and loved to use them. He had the gift of friendship and made friends easily.

Stu had a distinctive kick to the side with his  left leg.

11 miles this morning all easy paced.  I'll get out again for another short hike this evening.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The miles were coming back to me this afternoon so I considered going for 20 but I was still feeling a little fatigue from yesterday's faster/hillier stuff.  so rather than push through another 5 mile loop, I chose instead to take some extra time in the sun.  It is likely to be sunny and warm in South Dakota in June so I used part of today's workout to be in the sun.  I chose loops that would get me out in the open.  So I would hike in the 82 degree sun then run in the shade or woods!  

It turned out to be an interesting workout and was adding another specific aspect to the type of conditions that might be encountered during the race. While I've usually had a tendency to strive for mileage, this year I'm trying to be smarter and add more dimension to what miles I can handle.  So yesterday gave me a chance for some tempo and hills and today provided some sun and heat.

15 miles on the trails and another recovery hike tonight after dusk. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Making Lemonade

When life gives you lemons...

Not to sound too sour but this morning's beautiful weather presented a dilemma...miss another day of running  after last week's cut-back or not help out with delivering my son's dog to him when he flies into Minneapolis rather than have him drive to Mason City?

We chose MSP.  But I did eek out enough time to hit the trail before leaving.  I ended up trying a workout that I have wanted to experiment with but haven't until today.  I started cautiously but then ran each mile faster than the previous one...a tempo run for me to begin (around 8:30 pace) that turned into a progression run.  It actually felt great and I was approaching 7 minute miling again by the end! It's been a few years since I could run steady at these types of paces but this spring has allowed several of my shorter runs to be in this range again and that only adds to my confidence.  Therefore, due to the spontaneous change of plans, I didn't run the boring daily routine but rather got to put in some speed and hills!  Lemonade out of lemons.

Then in Minneapolis I was able to work some stairs at Minnehaha Falls followed by some real trail time and more hills with the dog later. I've been surprised sometimes by being able to find some decent trail running even while in large cities.  After picking Cory up at the airport, we enjoyed an excellent meal at Brasa just off Hennepin.  Natural and organic foods.

Above the Mississippi River bluffs but below the Minnehaha Parkway Bike/Hike Trail

5.5 miles in the AM and 5 additional miles hiking on the trails and after dusk at home.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I definitely have some hangover yet today...from the travel and lack of routine, that is.  I just haven't felt sharp or energetic even though I'm back on familiar trails and getting sleep in my own bed again. Hoping that the briskness I was beginning to feel the week before going to Texas will return soon!

10 miles after a buffet bunch (this could have contributed to my lethargy as well as stopping by at a graduation party).  I'll also get out for the customary evening hike tonight, as well.

48 miles for the week but not as consistent or quality.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting Back On Course

Today was mostly about getting back to my normal routine.  I headed out to the trail by noon and wanted to simply get back to some easy miles before ramping up again.  It was warm and a bit windy but nice to be out on the trails.

If I get another good night's sleep then I'll attempt some real miles tomorrow at a better pace.

6 miles in the afternoon and another 3 after dusk.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Windshield Time

Just spent 17 hours on the bus ride back from Levelland, Texas.  Tired and busy yet tonight will get a short workout later if possible!

I'm a bit sunburned.  My eyes are stinging with lack of good sleep.  My ankles are swollen for who knows why? So I don't feel anywhere close to the shape I was in before the Texas trip.  I'll hope that after adequate rest and a return to my regular routine, I'll come back around!

Photos from the trip to be downloaded and posted later, after the Relay for Life fundraiser I'm volunteering at tonight.

2 miles easy on the Lime Creek trails this afternoon.  3 miles recovery hike in the PM.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Final Day NJCAA Nationals and Bus Home

This is the most interesting day of the meet with all finals.  It is supposed to be the hottest weather so far this week.  Already, it seems that either the weather or the slight higher elevation is effecting performance results.  Virtually none of the distance runners have been able to attain their qualifying marks and winning times in the events are not season bests!

I'll be able to put in only a short workout before breakfast then be busy with the track all day.  As soon as the meet is over, it's on the bus and a ride straight through the night to get back sometime mid-day tomorrow.  So definitely no chance for any training until things get back to normal this weekend.

Breakfast Waffles at our hotel!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2nd Day NJCAA Nationals

Today we have even more athletes competing than yesterday.  It's surprising how helping with the coaching is so demanding on the body, even without doing a workout.  I feel as though I'm still putting in a ton of miles!  Oh well, "time on my feet" training, I guess.

We currently have Tanesha leading the heptathlon and Anna ran a good race to place 4th in the 10K.

Out for a brisk 6 mile run this morning before heading to the track.

PM:  this was a very hot day at the track.Upper 80's and not a cloud to be seen. Tanesha came back with a great 800 meter to win the heptathlon after losing her lead in the long jump!  Trey Taylor also earned a 4th in the javelin.

It's so nice out after sunset that I'll be going out for a recovery hike yet tonight.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1st Day NJCAA Nationals --Levelland, Texas

The events begin today with the multi-event athletes competing the 1st half of their events and the 10Kers running tonight.

I was awake early again so headed out for another early morning workout...about 3 miles easy.

Busy day and night, unable to get any more workout in.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Perry, Oklahoma ---Fields of Grain

Got a recovery workout in after dusk last night, then up early this AM for another hour on the roads...gravel that is.  This is my first time in Oklahoma and it's interesting to compare the gravel roads to Iowa's. The soil is red and I couldn't see any corn or beans just grain (wheat, I believe) and oil rigs in the field (photos to come when I get home).

Flushed a Bobwhite Quail while running this morning.  I had been hearing the distinctive call while they were waking up at sunrise and was only slightly startled when some flushed from beside me!

4 miles...hard rising morning without breakfast.  We'll finish the drive to Lubbock, Texas this morning and get the NIACC athletes to the track in Levelland this afternoon for a pre-meet workout.  Perhaps I'll put in some time then, as well.

5 PM:
There was quite a rain storm that we arrived during but it subsided enough that the team hit the track for the workout.  I warmed up with a few laps then tried several laps at a relaxed pace.  Having college athletes flying by kept me honest and I even threw in a challenge 200 meter sprint where Ashley and I were given a head start, and RJ, Jonny, and Andy tried to catch us before then end...they were up to the challenge and we all finished fairly close together...I brought up the rear, however!

An additional 4 miles for an 8 mile day

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Headin' To Texas

Woke early so got out for some exercise before being limited to sitting on a bus most of the rest of the day.  This will be the second week in a row for me to put in enough mileage to exceed 100.  My hamstrings were a bit tight so I took it quite easy this the fact that it was just at dawn and still very chilly out.

I've been wondering if I'm where I'd thought I'd be in training for this ultra...not really.   Whether I've been logging enough miles and quality to get through the event...probably.  And whether I still have time to maintain and improve before needing to adequately taper...most certainly, YES!

6 miles this morning and a 4 mile hike this evening for a total at 105.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cardinal Rule

Today was to be the second day of back-to-back long runs training.  I bailed a bit early yesterday because my legs were worked and I didn't want to hurt myself.  Today, however, felt much better and I cruised through the 20 miles at a pace that I felt I could sustain for even longer if needed.  I think that over the years I'm finally beginning to obey the cardinal rule of "listening to your body."

Oh, and I did see cardinals on the trail today...

Male Northern Cardinal (borrowed photo)
While the male is strikingly brilliant. it's the more subtle color of the female that intrigues me.  Sometimes "more subtle" is perhaps more appropriate for training, too. 

Female Northern Cardinal  (borrowed photo)
I didn't take any podcasts or music out today and had lots of time to think.  One question that came to mind, while watching so many butterflies flit around, was "If you see a Morning Cloak after 12PM, is it socially acceptable to call it an Afternoon Cloak?

 20 miles for the afternoon run and another 3 mile recovery hike after dusk

Friday, May 11, 2012

Back To Backs

I've been wanting to reach a level of fitness and mental toughness to survive an attempt at back to back long runs.  These have become quite popular as a training tool for ultras but I've never given it a try.  Of course, the theory is to further stress the body after already putting a little hurt to it the first run.

So with next week looming as a mileage cut-back week, I hit Lime Creek today intending to get in around 20 then see if I could hit another 20 tomorrow.  But, low and behold, my body told me that I was pretty worked by the time I reached 13.  Mentally the results of the recent training has been good but apparently my desire to keep ramping up needs to be tempered with adequate caution for what my body can actually handle.  I don't want to jeopardize my current level by pushing so hard to reach certain numbers.

Therefore, I headed home for a 15 mile morning knowing I still needed to mow a lawn over at Clear Lake and will likely get out for another easy 3 miles this evening.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Too Chipper

There was a temptation to get rolling again today because I was still feeling so optimistic about yesterday's finish.  Curt "The Younger" would have caved in and tried to repeat the tempo, however, Curt "The McDuffer" prevailed and I stayed reserved in order to help promote better recovery.  I would like to be fresh again by Saturday for another long run going in to next week's forced cut-back in mileage while travelling to Texas for the NJCAA outdoor nationals. 

I was amused by the scampering of an Eastern Chipmunk along the trail early in today's outing.

And apparently I wasn't the only one not feeling very chipper today.  Wild turkey are typically very elusive but this guy didn't seem to be quite right and allowed for easy approach for photos!  I didn't see or hear signs of any young ones but perhaps this adult was feigning injury to lure me away from the vicinity of some poults?

6 miles this AM and some additional hiking planned for after dusk.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tale of Two "Shitties"

This day started way too early my wife was scheduled for bilateral carpel tunnel release surgery at 8:30 AM so we were there by 7:15!  Then due to delays, the surgery didn't occur until 10:30 and we weren't home until 2 PM.  

So after sitting all day at the surgery center, I helped get her settled and took off for my workout.  I'm certain that my running strength, right now, lies in my base and my consistency.  This allows me to have made the mileage build-up. It stems back to the years of running that I have "in the bank" and the recent opportunities to put in enough time to get more miles in, regardless of whether it's faster or slower running than what I recall a few years ago.

After last week's increase in miles and my hopes of a quick recovery, I was a little depressed at the onset of today's effort that I felt very lethargic and easily distracted during the first 3 miles.  Then I began to meet other runners including a surprise crossing of paths with former 2002 Iowa state high school xc champion, Ryan McCurnin.  After a brief talk, I took off and, in an attempt to get home as soon as possible, began to fly along the trails.  The first three miles took nearly 40 minutes with all my stops and no actual running but the final 7 went by in only an additional 49 minutes!  That's the best pace I've been able to sustain on trails in quite a long time. Not a bad workout after a shitty start to the day and a shitty start to the run!

So perhaps the base that I have developed is now allowing me to have more confidence in sustaining better paces.  I hope so, because I want to use the next few weeks to cement the base and throw in a little better pacing.

10 mile total in the afternoon and an additional 3 miles after dusk.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My legs were feeling pretty good today, especially knowing that I have just put a 30-miler on them and that capped a 102-mile week.  So I opened up a bit during the inner loop and they did, indeed, get a bit sluggish again.  I must be moving slower than I feel as the Turkey Vultures along the river were circling and slowly moved upriver with me!

I experimented a bit with a waist pack for an extra water bottle.  I didn't like the feel so stashed the holder for the rest of the run and just held the bottle.  In South Dakota, if I see the need for more than one hand-held, I'll carry a second rather than use the fanny-pack holder.

15 miles in the AM. 3 mile recovery hike planned for PM.

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Half Fast"

Trying to be conservative today and not attempt to tackle too much too soon after the long Saturday run.  I felt OK but the legs were a bit "heavy."  I have noticed that my distances often takes me about twice the time they did  before my knee issues...therefore, my runs are only "half fast."

Saw some interesting birds today...a Great Blue Heron, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and the advance of the warbler wave..some Yellow-rumped Warblers!

10 miles in the AM and 3 PM recovery miles.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chasing Numbers?

There's often a debate about logging miles...for training benefit or for hitting a specific number.  Today was an off day for me, and with early morning rain then an afternoon of volunteering at the Nature Center, it was tempting to not get any miles in.  However, with the weekly total sitting at 99 I couldn't not get out for some easy miles late in the day so my total could exceed 100!

The encouraging result of the long run yesterday was that I wasn't nearly as sore as would have expected and, in fact, felt even better than the day after last week's 25er.

3 miles today for a total of 102 for the week.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Angry Crayfish

Headed back to Pilot Knob State Park to allow for some distance on more rugged terrain than Mason City provides.  It had stormed last night so I was fully expecting some mud.  It also became quite foggy after I arrived so the humidity was very high, as well.

I used an early start to my day to get me there at a time that would let me get in a long run and still be home shortly after lunch.  I had some added incentive midway through the workout as the spring version of a local trail race kicked off at least half of my 3rd loop.

The run went even better than I had hoped and I also was able to learn a bit about dealing with stomach issues and what I do or do not need for relief of knee pain.  I believe my stomach problems always occurred shortly after taking electrolyte capsules but I would always recover and it seemed to help avoid cramping when my hamstrings began to twinge.

My 2nd and 3rd loops felt the best and the last miles were fine if I provided short hiking breaks.  I was pleased to have run most of the distance with some very sporadic hiking.

Bonus observations unusual visual of mushrooms growing out of some horse another spot of cut logs, a rather good cluster of edible oyster mushrooms (I picked some to add to yesterdays morels for a treat this evening)...and an angry crayfish on the path for at least two of my loops near the prairie ponds!

Amazed by how the appearance of these mushrooms changed each time I passed. The gills began to blacken by the last pass.

Love the look of birch trees across water!

Oyster  Mushrooms...very edible.

Angry Crayfish
30 miles for the park run then 3 mile recovery hike for the evening.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Easy Day #2

Today was another day of easy jogging and some hiking as I want to freshen my legs for a more difficult session tomorrow.

Still finding a few mushrooms beside the trail along my regular routes.

Saw a Mallard hen today with a brood of ducklings and some Canada Geese with goslings!

10 miles in the AM.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stormy and more in the Forecast

Lots of lightening and thunder overnight meant for wet trails and extra mud.  There was one section of trail that I've almost never witnessed being in the flow from the draw but today the trail was moving!

In anticipation of another longer run this Saturday, I'm taking it easy for the next couple of days.  Today was just easy jogging.

6 miles in the AM. 3 miles in the PM.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To The Morning

Truly an enjoyable morning to hit the trails.  I couldn't help but remember an old favorite by Dan Fogelberg.

Sunday's post claimed that I was "getting serious" then I promptly followed that with two days of messing around collecting mushrooms during my workouts.  Today I wanted to stay focused on the run but still couldn't resist a couple short stops when I could see mushrooms as I ran by!

It had rained quite a bit overnight and there was a fair amount of mud today.

A turkey strutting along in the mud.

Another turkey wearing Salomon S-labs
The middle loop became my "sweet spot" and I felt great while running the 5 mile loop non-stop and at a faster pace than what I've been holding lately.

15 miles on the morning with a 3 mile recovery hike planned permitting.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It was pleasing to get going today and discover that my legs were back already!  The lethargy that I felt post 25 mile run has subsided and the recovery was not too drawn out.  However, I still intended to take it easy so the pace was relaxed...that is until I began to find more mushrooms, then I took time to scan the area from several different approaches.  This paid dividends in that I was able to collect more morels than I found yesterday and they were quite good sized and fresh!

So the workout was another split session with running out and back separated by combing the woodland floor for almost an hour.  The sun came out and I'm sure this contributes to better mushrooming.  The temperature rose at least 15 degrees while I was out.

Saw a small juniper exhibiting the noticeable sporalating stage of cedar rust disease.  Quite bright and reminded me of the yeast slime on the stump back in April.

11 miles running then a brisk evening hike for 16 miles on the day.