Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cardinal Rule

Today was to be the second day of back-to-back long runs training.  I bailed a bit early yesterday because my legs were worked and I didn't want to hurt myself.  Today, however, felt much better and I cruised through the 20 miles at a pace that I felt I could sustain for even longer if needed.  I think that over the years I'm finally beginning to obey the cardinal rule of "listening to your body."

Oh, and I did see cardinals on the trail today...

Male Northern Cardinal (borrowed photo)
While the male is strikingly brilliant. it's the more subtle color of the female that intrigues me.  Sometimes "more subtle" is perhaps more appropriate for training, too. 

Female Northern Cardinal  (borrowed photo)
I didn't take any podcasts or music out today and had lots of time to think.  One question that came to mind, while watching so many butterflies flit around, was "If you see a Morning Cloak after 12PM, is it socially acceptable to call it an Afternoon Cloak?

 20 miles for the afternoon run and another 3 mile recovery hike after dusk

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