Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to Backs Revisited

As the date for the 50 approaches, I've begun to ponder where to get another 30 miler into the schedule.  By some accounts I've passed the date to put forth the effort and still benefit.  Bu also there's the psychological edge I'd gain from another longer effort.  But one thing I hadn't considered is the time I'm spending on the trails and that value regardless of the miles I log in the book.

Before I started the build-up, a 10 mile day was a "long" run so if I did 10 two days in a row...was this a back to back?  Now 10 is more or less standard or even "just warming up" so is a 10/15 still a back to back or must I reach 20/30?  Interestingly enough, my body doesn't use the mileage I write down to decide if it's a back to back but rather it uses fatigue.  In that case, if I don't achieve adequate recovery overnight, I'm still piling on a more difficult workout on top of an already worked body.  Perhaps my evening "recovery" walks are at times setting me up for a more difficult effort the next morning rather than more rested.

Therefore, I concluded that based on the times I've been putting in on the trails, I've reached a fitness and confidence level for the 50 that should allow me to get through the entire distance regardless of whether I put in another 30 mile workout or not.  Due to a busy weekend, I'll not be running long until at least Monday.  I think I'll enjoy the next three days and see if my legs get fresher again.  If they do, then I may try for that 30 on Monday.  That still leaves plenty of time to sharpen before the trip to South Dakota.  If they still feel heavy after this weekend, I'll simply back off to another 20 and coast on in the next two weeks.

15 for the morning, hiking in the evening.  389.5 for the month of highest monthly total ever.

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