Friday, May 11, 2012

Back To Backs

I've been wanting to reach a level of fitness and mental toughness to survive an attempt at back to back long runs.  These have become quite popular as a training tool for ultras but I've never given it a try.  Of course, the theory is to further stress the body after already putting a little hurt to it the first run.

So with next week looming as a mileage cut-back week, I hit Lime Creek today intending to get in around 20 then see if I could hit another 20 tomorrow.  But, low and behold, my body told me that I was pretty worked by the time I reached 13.  Mentally the results of the recent training has been good but apparently my desire to keep ramping up needs to be tempered with adequate caution for what my body can actually handle.  I don't want to jeopardize my current level by pushing so hard to reach certain numbers.

Therefore, I headed home for a 15 mile morning knowing I still needed to mow a lawn over at Clear Lake and will likely get out for another easy 3 miles this evening.

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