Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To The Morning

Truly an enjoyable morning to hit the trails.  I couldn't help but remember an old favorite by Dan Fogelberg.

Sunday's post claimed that I was "getting serious" then I promptly followed that with two days of messing around collecting mushrooms during my workouts.  Today I wanted to stay focused on the run but still couldn't resist a couple short stops when I could see mushrooms as I ran by!

It had rained quite a bit overnight and there was a fair amount of mud today.

A turkey strutting along in the mud.

Another turkey wearing Salomon S-labs
The middle loop became my "sweet spot" and I felt great while running the 5 mile loop non-stop and at a faster pace than what I've been holding lately.

15 miles on the morning with a 3 mile recovery hike planned permitting.

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