Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It was pleasing to get going today and discover that my legs were back already!  The lethargy that I felt post 25 mile run has subsided and the recovery was not too drawn out.  However, I still intended to take it easy so the pace was relaxed...that is until I began to find more mushrooms, then I took time to scan the area from several different approaches.  This paid dividends in that I was able to collect more morels than I found yesterday and they were quite good sized and fresh!

So the workout was another split session with running out and back separated by combing the woodland floor for almost an hour.  The sun came out and I'm sure this contributes to better mushrooming.  The temperature rose at least 15 degrees while I was out.

Saw a small juniper exhibiting the noticeable sporalating stage of cedar rust disease.  Quite bright and reminded me of the yeast slime on the stump back in April.

11 miles running then a brisk evening hike for 16 miles on the day.

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