Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lucky Stiff

Due to the race, I was obviously stiff this morning, however, there was nothing to indicate any injury as a result of the faster pace on pavement. I was able to run at will on the trail and chose to take it easy.  It's my wedding anniversary so wanted to get home in good time plus it was warming up quite quickly and humid.

There were a surprising number of runners and hikers on the trail this morning plus a strange sighting of a remote controlled car with no owner in sight.  I later passed a set-up in a nearby field where radio transmitters and antennae were mounted with the operator sitting in his station wagon watching a TV screen.  He must have been controlling the car via the transmitter and the car must have had a camera for navigation!  Pretty cool to have observed.

6 miles in the AM. 3 miles at dusk. the week's total was 82.5 miles

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