Saturday, May 5, 2012

Angry Crayfish

Headed back to Pilot Knob State Park to allow for some distance on more rugged terrain than Mason City provides.  It had stormed last night so I was fully expecting some mud.  It also became quite foggy after I arrived so the humidity was very high, as well.

I used an early start to my day to get me there at a time that would let me get in a long run and still be home shortly after lunch.  I had some added incentive midway through the workout as the spring version of a local trail race kicked off at least half of my 3rd loop.

The run went even better than I had hoped and I also was able to learn a bit about dealing with stomach issues and what I do or do not need for relief of knee pain.  I believe my stomach problems always occurred shortly after taking electrolyte capsules but I would always recover and it seemed to help avoid cramping when my hamstrings began to twinge.

My 2nd and 3rd loops felt the best and the last miles were fine if I provided short hiking breaks.  I was pleased to have run most of the distance with some very sporadic hiking.

Bonus observations unusual visual of mushrooms growing out of some horse another spot of cut logs, a rather good cluster of edible oyster mushrooms (I picked some to add to yesterdays morels for a treat this evening)...and an angry crayfish on the path for at least two of my loops near the prairie ponds!

Amazed by how the appearance of these mushrooms changed each time I passed. The gills began to blacken by the last pass.

Love the look of birch trees across water!

Oyster  Mushrooms...very edible.

Angry Crayfish
30 miles for the park run then 3 mile recovery hike for the evening.

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