Friday, May 25, 2012

Who's Counting

4 weeks until the Black Hills 50.

I've mentioned being driven to hit certain numbers of miles per day or per week and being a little less worried about those numbers in retirement.  Today while I was out for an easy run, with the race coming up tomorrow, and thought about how when I was logging miles a few years ago.  I would never count the miles that I hiked (or walked with purpose) but now I do.  There are a few reasons for my change in, I sometimes walk nearly as fast as some of my runs these days...two, I've come to learn the value of easy days...three, when competitors participate in ultras, they still count the distance covered in their race total even when walking is part of the race strategy.

So, therefore, I'm achieving some consistent and greater weekly mileage than in my past because of my inclusion of the hiking miles.

On the trail today, I saw the emergence of some Wild Parsley...once blooming, do not run through this pretty little yellow patch of flowers or you may find yourself broken out as if you'd hit some Poison Ivy!

7 miles this morning and likely 3 more tonight unless the rain continues to fall.

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