Tuesday, December 4, 2012


When you use the same trail for your daily workout (for the most part), you begin to feel some ownership of that trail.  You see the minute changes each day and even become accustomed to noting footprints, underbrush, etc.  But what I failed to remember was that these trails are multi-use...running, hiking, biking, birding, and even hunting in a restricted area of the site.

Today, we were in the trails where hunting is allowed and before turning for home I spotted some "hunter's orange" on a person ahead of us.

Turned out to be a guy with a gun.  As I passed he said  "There's someone ahead that's shooting!"  I told him I'd be turning towards the quarry soon and continued.  Once I'd returned to the other side of the railroad tracks, I heard another blast from the the hunter.

That reminded me of a time when running on a trail in a national forest in Colorado.  There were three of us running late in the day and we could hear someone apparently target shooting.  This wasn't a concern until we could hear the sound of the bullets whizzing past us after each shot. Luckily, the terrain was such that the shots were above our heads,

10 miles today.

I usually wear orange now when in the hunting area!


  1. yeah, got me thinking (along with the recent hunter ed that I took) that I need to wear a bit more orange on some of my runs "in season"

  2. Hey GZ: Just by coincidence, the jacket I wear most often is a safety-orange running jacket from Bob Dion's Snowshoe Racing Team. I happened to have it on during this run!