Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dog Tired

7 miles today.  At one point we passed a couple out on the trail that were carrying grocery bags.  Later, while we were returning I saw them picking up black walnuts.  I've had a pretty good haul of black walnuts myself this year.  I visited with the folks for a while and directed them to an area where I'd picked up some good quality nuts.

Perhaps the push to get my daily mileage is beginning to have an effect on Piper.  I've often heard the statement "dog tired" but never really thought about it.  After we return each day, Piper grabs a drink of water and some food then takes a healthy siesta. She usually gets quite energetic in the evening and begs for a good game of fetch.  But tonight she seemed a bit more tired and simply collapsed on the footstool while I watched some football and college wrestling (Iowa vs. Iowa State) on TV!

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