Saturday, December 29, 2012

Four Days Lost

Christmas Eve afternoon, I got out for a walk with Piper for the final time for this dog-sitting stretch.  She heads home with Cory after Christmas.

Piper got a new coat for Christmas.
No sooner do I boast about hitting my most miles in a year, than I contract a stomach flu and end up losing 4 days.  I missed xmas day by needing to stay in bed and near the restroom.  I needed a day to recover from that then relapsed when I began to eat solid food again.  Took another day to recover and finally, today, was able to get out on the snowshoes to pack down yesterday's fresh snow.

So while packing the new snow along a portion of mountain bike trail, I levered the tail of my snowshoe against a log and cracked the frame at the toe bar.  The tension from the lacing pulled the bar up into the frame's crack but not enough to force me to need to remove the shoe.

Once home, I used some vice-grips and force to put the toe bar back into position and close the cracks.  Then with shoe goo and a simple stainless band clamp, I held everything back into the original construction location.  Hope it holds up!

6 miles today, much of it in soft, new snow.

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