Friday, December 21, 2012

Yell Out Loud

While running snowshoes today, I began wondering about what makes you "yell out loud" when watching TV.  I know what makes my son's dog bark out loud...other dogs or sometimes any four-legged animals on the screen!

For me it seems that it is usually a college football game, however, I do seem to get excited enough to cheer when watching track meets too!  In particular, I remember the 1-2 finish of Mo Farrah and Galen Rupp in the Olympic 10,000.  I remember my Dad getting so involved with a Pro Football game, once, that he stood up and smashed the chair he had been sitting in.

The trails around the quarry were great today.  I was correct about the drifting and there were plenty of stretches that required repacking.  I wore my wooden Iverson runners today because they do a great job of trail setting and allows for better running on subsequent days. There were also a few open areas of exposed rock and I was glad I didn't have to worry about any cleats today.

6 miles on the snowshoes and another couple of hiking with the dog.

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