Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Today's workout was delayed because I couldn't pass up re-watching one of my favorite movies, "Breaking Away."  Bike racing with a twist from many years ago, yet still fun to watch. Well worth the time even though I've seen it on many occasions.

The delay allowed for warmer temps and even a bit of light snowfall.  Very comfortable in the woods along the river.

I also pondered the popularity of the Hoka running shoes with ultrarunners and folks with injury issues.  Finally decided to pull the plug and scrounge up a pair. So I called my friend, Scott Gall, at his Running Flat  store in Cedar Falls and asked if he could find a pair of Stinson Evos.

It was peaceful and relaxed for us on the trails today and I ended up with a standard 7 mile loop (same as what I ran yesterday but didn't blog).


  1. Did you run in the Hokas then?

  2. No run yet. I did get a chance to try on a couple models...Stinson Evo Tarmac and Bondi B but thought about your recommendation and the internet reviews to choose the Trail Stinsons.