Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Tracks

The snow finally arrived and I headed out to the quarry trails for some true snowshoe running.  I used the ice/rock cleats with the Dions and was glad I did because there were several spots where I could hear the cleats hitting rock.  The wind was picking up so there were drifts and some bare spots but overall the snow depth was pretty good for running.

Mason City Globe-Gazette photo from previous article
I was pleased with my cardio-vascular fitness and able to stay at a running pace for the first half of the loops but soon learned that breaking the trail by being first tracks ended up sapping more strength than I was willing to expend on this initial time out on the shoes.  I walked some stretches in order to pack the snow for faster runs in the coming days.  However, with the wind closing the footprints behind me, I may need to repeat the break-in tomorrow.

It's really calming to be in the woods and making fresh tracks with no sign of walkers or skiers...only an occasional deer using the trail or perhaps a few rabbits tracks.

5 miles on the snowshoes and a couple more walking with Piper. 

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