Monday, December 3, 2012

North Iowa Touring Club

Just realized that yesterday's post was never published!  It was a another full with Piper on the Lime Creek Trails, then volunteered at the LC Nature Center all afternoon (used the time to crack about 3 dozen black walnuts), followed by the North Iowa Touring Club's annual potluck dinner (also in the nature center).  New board members were approved for the next year...I'll be taking a turn as president.

6 miles on the day Sunday for a 55 mile week.

The weather today was incredibly mild.  It was wet and humid this morning but with no wind and warm temps, it sure didn't seem like December.  Took a brisk trip around our standard 7 mile loop then headed out to take over a track practice for Coach Vais as he needs to be out-of-town for a couple days.  It was a  workout of repeat 1000 meter runs that we were able to conduct outdoors. A real exception when training for  the indoor track season.

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