Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cold Rain

Realized today that it will be rather easy for me to hit 3000 miles on the year.  I headed out after some morning showers but it was still drizzling.  Unfortunately wet gloves only seem to make the hands colder!

Turned earlier than usual and got home in around 6 miles.

Looking forward to another holiday party tonight.  It seems like a lot of temptations at this time of year.  Glad to get out in the woods for a trail workout each day.

After I reread today's entry, it appears to be more of a Facebook post rather than a blog post.  As my first year of attempting this blog comes to an end, my initial enthusiasm for interesting content has waned.  I will likely find some more topics to write about, but in the mean time I'll be happy to simply make simple observations on the day!  Occasionally, I may hit a nerve and get a bunch of hits...such as my "Ownership" post that made the daily news and I saw more hits in one day than at any other time.

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