Friday, November 30, 2012

Wrestling To Keep Up

I didn't get my post finished yesterday as planned.  Instead, I attended the local high school wrestling meet.  The meet reminded me that part of the problem I'm dealing with in my knees is likely due to trauma dealt to them when I wrestled in high school.  I recall at least 3 incidents when a knee was popped "out-of-joint"  back then.

My father helped start my interest in wrestling when I was in junior high.  I continued through high school and even a bit of intramural while at ISU.  I also thought of my father when hiking the trails yesterday.  Piper and I passed a large, flat rock that sits high above the river.  I recall sitting on this rock and talking with my Dad back when I was in grade school.  The land was privately owned back then but Dad obtained permission to hike back along the river to look for the old Krieger homestead.

Got in 7 miles on Thursday.

Today was warmer than yesterday but somehow seemed colder because there was more wind.  It was a good day to put in some more time so we went 10 miles.  Even spooked a Barred Owl at one point in the woods and it landed very close after a short flight.

(borrowed photo)

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