Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Change of Seasons...Half Fast

The sudden change in weather has coincided with an end to my incentive to stay in any sort of running shape.  I do, however, see the real possibility to hit an annual total miles that I've not achieved before.  So now each day finds me eager to hit the trails for some good, basic mileage.  The miles seem to come but the time takes nearly twice as long. So that now puts me in the category as a "half fast" runner.

The dry fall then cold temps has made for a rather dramatic shift in the trail's appearance.

Calmus Creek from Ernie's Bridge

My day started with a surprise mention in a blog post by a friend who has been moved to Duluth for a while. I appreciate the fact that my running friendships mean something to some athletes through the years, and it lends additional credence to the fact that as I become older and I can find satisfaction from running in many other ways than race performance!

Yesterday ended up being another 7 mile day and today Piper and I took a little extra time to get in 8.

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