Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Freezing Fog

The forecast for today was for some mid-30s weather.  But the morning was slow to warm due to some fog.  As Piper and I headed for the trails, the sun seemed determined to burn the fog away.  It resulted in a very fine frozen fog snow that covered the trees and the trail.  quite interesting to be there while the change occurred.

It turned into a very pleasant day out so we covered some extra ground for a 10 mile total.  There were other runners out...some I knew like Dianne Kruckenburg (who made the trip to run Boston back in 1983 when I ran it) and some I didn't know like a woman runner that I see on Lime Creek often but have never attempted to introduce myself or visit with!  Seth Bell was out on his super off-road Surly bike.

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