Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Summary ; Monday Nov. 19 to Sunday Nov. 25

This week I've begun to consider trying the daily blog entries again.  There's plenty of seasonal things happening on the trails and plenty of wildlife so I could start carrying the camera again!  Also, I just had my son's dog, Piper, return for a few weeks so will be on the trails with her.

I was still in recovery mode this week.  My body was quite sore after last Saturday's race so the beginning of the week was a bit of a struggle.  Much better by the end of the week.

Event photos have been posted so will throw a shot of the start onto this blog entry...over 7000 runners starting a 7 mile cross-country race...billed as the largest in the U.S.

Monday - 7 miles

Tuesday - 10 miles in two workouts

Wednesday - 6 miles

Thursday - 6 miles  (at Pilot Knob rather than Lime Creek and after Thanksgiving dinner!)  Weather change moving in with a ten degree drop in temp while out

Friday - 6 miles  bitterly cold and very windy

Saturday - 7 miles

Sunday - 9 miles   for a 51 mile week

if I continue some steady miles for the next 5 weeks, I can hit 3000 miles for this year...the most I have ever logged for one year!  That helps provide some incentive even without a race on the horizon.

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