Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekly Summary: Monday Nov. 12 to Sunday Nov. 18

This week was very inconsistent regarding training because my knees were tender and the race was imminent. I even broke down and chose to try some cortisone injections on Tuesday for a little more aggressive, anti-inflammatory response.  It didn't seem as though I attained the degree of relief that I've noticed before, though.

Somehow I ended up first in my age-group at Saturday's race.  As pleased as I was at the place, I was still a bit disappointed with the much slower time than last year.  I suppose it means I need to be able to maintain more running workouts and less hiking!

Monday - 7 miles

Tuesday - 4 miles

Wednesday - 10 miles

Thursday - 5 miles

Friday - 2 miles hiking with a good hill on the State Fair grounds.

Saturday - 8 miles with 7 during the race and additional warmup

Sunday - 4 miles   for a 40 mile total on the week..

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  1. Glad to hear about your age group win McDuff! I am sure when you get past this inflammation and get a good stretch of training in, you will be back at the faster times.