Saturday, November 17, 2012

Living History Farms Race...2012

I plan to write a weekly summary but wanted to post about this race today.  It's been an annual highlight and sort-of an end to the season's racing.  This year found the weather to be fantastic and even with all the dry weather, there was plenty of water and mud hazards.  Also saw a rather good-sized, antlered buck spooked by the racers and it was running against the grain so-to-speak and towards the runners!

A writer that contributes to the Des Moines Register interviewed me and Dave Nauman this week and posted on-line last night. A bit of a short history of our master's racing team.

I really struggled with my knees during preparation for this year's race and could tell immediately when we began to warm-up that the day was going to be tough on the knees.  Therefore, was quite surprised to take first place for my age group.  In fact, McDuffers did rather well in our age groups, yet dropped to a 3rd place finish as a Master's Team.  Results are here  or try this link to a Des Moines Register video.


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