Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Summary: Monday Oct. 29 to Sunday Nov. 4...Take A Seat

This week went a bit better than last.  Without a dog along, I was able to stay focused on a few more running sessions rather than hiking. But, with the switch to more aggressive runs, came some unanticipated soreness.  The lesson here, I suppose, is that I'm getting older and need to adjust my workouts accordingly!

I was surprised when I reached the Badlands Loop, one day, to find someone had built a rock bench beside the two cairns that I've been maintaining through recent years.  The bench was sturdy enough to sit on.

Monday - 7 miles

Tuesday - 11.5 miles  (lots of short quick pickups during the run; sore after)

Wednesday - 7 miles (several stretches of running but glute still hurts)

Thursday - 7 miles  (all but the 1st and last mile were running at a steady pace)

Friday - 5 miles hiking

Saturday - 1.5 miles (took a recruiting trip to Des Moines to visit with athletes at the Iowa Senior All-Star XC Meet)  

Sunday - 10 miles (mostly running)  for 49 miles on the week

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