Monday, January 9, 2012

Badlands Loop

Badlands Rock Cairn
Today's run was a bit later due to the all staff meeting at NIACC.  But again the weather was "out-of-season" and went surprisingly well.  I woke up with a bit of running hangover, where my legs were dead from yesterday's run and I was a bit tired (up about an hour earlier than recent mornings because of the meeting at the college).  Once I started running, things came together and I was able to sustain the running with only two brief stops to adjust the mp3 player for podcasts.

Several years ago, I brought the idea for rock cairns back with me from summer running in Colorado so started building some along the trail in different places.  Above is the largest and most obvious as it's out on the Badlands Loop of Lime Creek.  I find I need to rebuild it at times as other hikers find the need to break it down!

11 miles today with the only walking on the 3/4 mile of street to and from the trailhead.

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