Monday, January 23, 2012

Knocking the Air Out

What a difference a week makes.  

We finally have enough snow to allow for some great snowshoe runs.  Today I chose to run in my Iversons 

because they do a fantastic job of packing the snow and getting the air out so the runs later this week, using my Dions, will be faster and smoother.  I had a very pleasant run today although the heavier shoes and deeper snow caught up with me sooner than I'd hoped.  My knees became tighter about an hour into the run and I walked the final mile to recover and do some additional trail packing.  Some of today's outing in pictures....

The main trail is maintained by the county by pulling 4 tires behind their snow machine.  I self-groom my favorite little ancillary trails in the woods.  Today's time went by quickly as I listened to podcasts about carbon wheels for biking and the differences in protein supplements in our diet.

8 miles

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