Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Know Your Cuts of Running Snowshoes

I spent some time this morning looking over some of the Facebook postings of Dick Beardsley.  I had the pleasure of running with Dick on Lime Creek when he came to run a marathon in Mason City in 2004.  The planning committee asked me to take him out because he wanted to get in some runs prior to the event and I was happy to oblige.

What's interesting about Dick, today, is he continues to run marathons and this is after total knee replacements to both knees!  Perhaps there's hope for me in the future yet.

I took snowshoeing today a bit easier because I could still feel the previous workouts in my legs.  Dave Nauman and Dwight Beavers were out on the xc ski skating trails but slipped over beside the trail I was on for quick visit.

So today I thought I'd post a photo quiz of different types of snowshoe tracks:

Dion 121 .. vintage 2006

Iverson runners ... vintage 1997

Tubbs 10K ... vintage 1996
There are plenty of other brands that folks use to run and race in but these were three that were in my quiver so thought I'd demonstrate the difference in snow prints!

8 miles again today most of it was running with a bit of walking to finish the loops.

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