Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snowshoe Hints

No sooner do I post about changing snow conditions than I head out this morning expecting the snow to be in the 20's only to get hit with a packing snow within 30 minutes of hitting the trails.
snowballs form beneath the crampons and in the binding
What I forgot to do, and this is one of my hints, was spray the bottom of the shoe and binding with a silicone spray.  I have used this often with very good results, including at last year's Nationals in Wisconsin.

Another observation this morning was of my tracks from yesterday when running along the shore of the quarry pond. When the bottom of the track begins to show water or slush, it might be smart to avoid the running on ice!  

Year's ago I used to run on top of snow covered ice because it remained longer than the trails.  Unfortunately, I didn't adjust for water flow under the snow and broke through.  Ended up standing in a hole in the river with the edge of the ice at my armpits and wondering how to get traction to get back above the surface.  Recently I viewed a video of fellow snowshoer, Jim Johnson, who broke through the ice out East.

So be forewarned about the potential for swimming with snowshoes if you choose to run on ice in marginal weather.

I cut the run short today because it felt as if I was running with golf balls under the middle of my feet.

6 miles

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