Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tracks in the Snow?

I ran errands this AM while there was light snow and cold wind.  Finally, a little after noon, I was able to get out for a run on Lime Creek.  There was not enough snow to seriously think about using snowshoes, although I could have gotten out on the wooden Iverson runners because they have no cleats!

Interesting thing about less than an inch of fresh snow is the tracks you can see.  There was a runner that had been out and returned, one hiker with his dog, and a snow bike.

Also fun to see all the wildlife tracks...mice, squirrels, rabbits, turkey, and at one point, I'm certain there were coyote tracks..but perhaps just a fox...or both.  It also became apparent that the runner was most likely a training partner of mine, Dave Nauman, as he was using the same obscure trails that I was and Tuesday is his usual day off so he can get out for an earlier run .

Here's Dave(right) and I, corner marshaling at BBBBQ race this past summer

The snow seemed to help soften the impact as I was able to run nearly the entire distance today with no walk breaks.  It felt good even with the change in weather.
Something else that I realized today was that the ear buds I use for listening to a podcast seem to help prevent the earache that I often experience when running on cold, windy days.

10 miles

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