Sunday, January 29, 2012


A couple of easy days and a good night's sleep resulted in a quick recovery from the lateral knee pain I had been worried about.  This is somewhat due to the experience from past injuries...when I would likely push the workouts regardless of the pain.  Funny how it takes several injuries over the years to learn the lesson.
Parking at the trail-head for the Quarry Trails
The weather turned out great today.  A light dusting of snow and temps in the low 20s but with beautiful sunshine.  The running was crisp and fast when out for the morning.  I needed to finish in time to be back as the volunteer at the nature center.  I swung through the main lot to check the condition of the xc skating trails and saw a couple skiers that had been around the loops...said the snow was fast today!
Prairie skate ski loop
 8 miles for me today and the time out on the trail was much faster than earlier in the week...43 miles for the week.

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