Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Changing Snow

It's always been interesting to me how much of a difference the temperature and snow conditions make on any snowshoe workout.  

Unlike most trail runs that seem to often fall within a certain range of time depending on effort expended and sometimes on weather (if windy or raining for example).  The pace that I've been able to maintain on snow is markedly different depending not only on depth that I'm breaking through, but also very much on temperature through the day....a run at below freezing temps before noon may be entirely different at 4 PM as temps may rise above freezing!

Today was one of those days when temps were rising as I was out and the snow became a bit slower as I neared the end of the run because the snow began to pack and get somewhat more "slippery".  Temps were around 27 degrees F at the start and at 32 degrees by finish.  In past years, I've found the fastest running conditions in temps between 5 and 25 degrees on packed trails.

Good run, though, and happy with the effort even as my legs began to feel sluggish at the end.

7 miles

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