Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back on the Trails Again

The weather moderated and even began melting the slight skiff of snow we received Wednesday.  I wasn't able to coordinate the run with Tony Stensland from Duluth, as planned.  He was down to Forest City for the weekend and his time constraints to make the trek back didn't allow for the additional time to Mason City.  But he was able to get out to Pilot Knob yesterday, while I was at track meet.  Pilot Knob has some great trails for training that we used often for the NIACC cross country season.

 in Pilot Knob this summer

Today, I got out and found the Lime Creek trails in pretty good shape for running/walking even where the light snow covered old ice.  I was also using this outing to catch up on some podcasts.  Nearing the Badlands, I looked up to find  another runner approaching.. it was Jeanne McCurnin.  I had gone to Colorado this summer to help crew and pace her Leadville 100 run.  She had to pull out of this year's race, part way through with a foot injury, but has recovered and back logging the miles again.  We both stopped to visit for a short while before readjusting the Ipods and finishing our workouts.

11 miles for the day
thus 39 for the week (time off for illness)

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