Monday, January 30, 2012

Running Drills

The weather continues to be a bit atypical with temps in the 40s today.  Booo... for those of us depending on a good snow base for our winter passions like snowshoeing or sking.  The snow was melting for the most part when I got out.  I did remember to spray my snowshoes before hitting the trails so there was less packing beneath my Dions today.

I found some very interesting information on running form and drills.  There is some discussion during this that may help explain why the snowshoeing has been less painful than road and trail running for me.  The placement of my foot during the stride and how I use my knees.  There may be hope, yet, for me to improve again on my running form for continued running and racing in the future.

Additional evidence as to the validity of the discussion with Graeme Turner is to watch the running form of Anton Krupicka in the Running Times video.  Very efficient and smooth leg turnover.

6 miles for me today with a combo of running and walking while I worked on my running form based on the podcast.

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