Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow At Last

Woke up this morning to a fresh layer of snow and still coming down.  There was enough concern about driving and such that most schools cancelled and the bus drive to ISU for NIACC's track and field team was also cancelled.  So I was able to to use the new-found time to get the snowshoes back out and had a fantastic run on the quarry trails at Lime Creek.  I was first tracks in many of the areas that I headed today.

Then, because I wasn't ready to get back inside, I cleared all the snow from my drive and my neighbors!!  Extra workout bonus while still accomplishing visual progress.

Plans are to use a charter bus early tomorrow so I'll not be driving again, however, it'll be nice to not worry about the cold and keeping the diesel engine going and simply help with the second day of the indoor meet.

My mileage may drop now that I concentrate on snowshoes because it takes more effort to do the snowshoe runs.  Today's snow conditions were adequate but I often could feel rocks beneath the 4" of snow. I used my Dion 121's with ice cleats.  The cold and the way it snowed did not catch as much air so the depth didn't pile as high and seemed denser as the smaller crystals aligned better.

5 miles

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