Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yellow Snow

I didn't post yesterday as the entire day was involved with an indoor track meet for NIACC men and women at ISU in Ames.  A 7 AM bus trip and didn't return until 8:30 PM. I didn't attempt to run down there in anticipation of a strong snowshoe run today.
Lied Rec Center - ISU campus
So today I was able to get out in the morning on the trails around the quarry at Lime Creek.  I've always enjoyed being out on trails, especially taking note of the wildlife and woods around me.  What I didn't really think about until today, although alluded to it in recent posts, is that snow adds another dimension to the run regarding what goes on around me.  Tracks of the wildlife or other trail users begins to tell me a story of what's going on before I get there.  I can now see where the trail has been crossed, or followed, or even where the dog walker ahead of me pulled over to take a pee!!  It all adds another dimension to the run that was hidden or lost to the woods, without snow.

6 miles

Due to the return of snow and my transition to using snowshoes, and the day off for indoor track, I wasn't able to hit 60 miles this week.  I'm happy with 47 miles though because of the extra amount of true running and especially the miles on snowshoes.

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