Friday, January 27, 2012

Be Wary of the IT Band

Something about the lateral area of my left knee began to concern me as the day progressed yesterday.  There was some pain and tenderness immediately beside that knee so I decided to take things a bit easy today.  An application of some DMSO and a much more relaxed run (even a lot of walking) and the day resulted in a pleasant one to be out.  There were brief snow flurries but they ended and temps were near the freezing mark so snow was wet.  Again, I bumped into Dwight Beavers who was out skiing.  He double-poled along the classic trail beside which I've self-groomed a path for snowshoeing.  

But he also headed out to the skate-ski path around one of the prairie tracts.
There were a lot of new podcasts for me to listen to today and was able to get through one and start another before heading back home.

6 miles

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