Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Summary: Monday Oct. 22 to Sunday Oct. 28 ..... Watch Your Nuts

This week was really crowded with distractions and as a result I logged my lowest weekly mileage total for the year, so far. (That's not counting the week of RAGBRAI where I biked an additional 235 miles on the bike while only running 16.)  There was a change in weather, the regional XC meet, a funeral, and travel to winterize my mother's apartment and return my son's dog to him.

The squirrels are really working to store their winter food supply and I've been competing with them to gather some choice walnuts.  I clean and crack at least a dozen walnuts a day (when home) and have regained on my supply for breakfast!

Squirrels have been shucking walnut hulls!

Monday -8 miles

Tuesday -2 miles

Wednesday -7 miles

Thursday - 7 miles

Friday - 6 miles
The NIACC men's and women's teams ran quite well in some blustery weather.  The men won the regional championship (while Iowa Central is sanctioned from team results for failing to properly certify their international runners.)

Saturday - 2 miles

Sunday - 2 miles for a 34 mile week.

My Mother and I with a photo of my nephew who is serving overseas.

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