Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mink vs. Wood Duck...Bet On the Mink

Yesterday, Oct. 1, had me out on the trails for my routine mid-day workout and what did I find coming down the trail towards me...an American Mink dragging a male Wood Duck that it had somehow ambushed!  It continued to run towards me and the dog until it was quite close then turned and ran behind a tree until we had passed. Quite a bizarre sighting, although I had seen mink along this portion of the trail before.

Borrowed photos.

8 miles for the workout with another 4 in the evening.

Today, I wanted to see if I could begin to gain a bit of leg turnover because I will be racing a couple of short trail races this month and next.  So after a 6 mile effort with the dog, I went to NIACC to put in some time during the NIACC XC team workout.  I tried to pick up some pace during a couple of mile repeats and did better with the second but bailed at two as I wasn't ready for much more.  

I sense that I may be less fit for racing than last year even though I'm putting in more miles.  But the miles are apparently too slow and I need to focus on some better running. I entered the Living History Farms Race over the weekend (the 7000 runner field limit was reached in 36 hours!) so now feel like I have more direction to devote my training towards.

6 miles at mid-day, 2.5 at NIACC, and 3 more yet tonight for an 11.5 mile day.

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