Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recovery Week

I've not posted during the past week because I've been off my routine and trying to recover from the damage of the trail race.  So my miles have been reduced and I've tried to get more rest.

The highlight of the week was the NIACC XC meet in Dubuque.  

I was able to run about 5K of the Loras course and felt pretty good while doing that.  It seems that ramping up for the Living History Farms Race is still possible.

I ran 53 miles for the week with most days at two workouts...AM and PM.

NIACC Men results.

Today was Mason City's chance to showcase their own certified marathon course hosted by Newman High School.  There were a lot of runners in town from all around the country.  My daily route on Lime Creek is actually a portion of the course and I was able to enjoy sharing the trail for my workout today.  I ran quite a bit more than I have recently...inspired by the other runners, I suppose!

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