Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've finally committed to another race...Living History Farms XC... the 3rd week of November.  We've entered a team for 20 years now, the last 17 as Masters.  But as we've aged, it's become more difficult to field a team and stay competitive with 40 year olds.

So this year after a record-breaking cut-off time for race entry (36 hours), we were faced with a team of 4 and two of us have been slowed by injury (or years of wear and tear).

So I took a chance, similar to two year's ago when I was fortunate enough to have ex-Olympian, Rod DeHaven run with us, and I sought out some younger masters.  Using last years results, internet searches, and checking on this years entries, I was able to contact a couple of guys in their 40's that were interested in running for a team race as well as for the individual race.

So welcome to the McDuffers, Scott Drum of Marquette, MI. and Scott Forkenbrock of Lawrence, KS!!  Your additions will certainly help us stay competitive.

Got in a quick 5 miles before noon and plan on another 3 yet tonight.

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