Saturday, October 6, 2012

Timber Trot - 5 mile

In it's fourth year, I finally was able to run in the race on Lime Creek Trails. The course is one that I set and measured at the request of the county conservation crew.  Most post-race comments are that it is a challenging course and now that folks are running with their GPS watches, I'm told it's dead on accurate!

Personally, my race didn't go very well.  For some reason the pace or terrain or something caused my left knee to develop more pain than at any time this summer while training and running for the Black Hills race.  After a couple of brisk miles under 8 minute pace, I was reduced to walking for a lot of the third mile.  I relaxed the knee enough to get in a final two mile at around 8 and half minutes/mile but the 10 minute 3rd really took me out of the race.

Ended up 1st in the over-60s though!

6 miles in the AM with the race and jogging.  and 4 more hiking recovery miles in the PM.

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