Monday, October 1, 2012

And from the ashes...the Phoenix Rises (Part 3)

For the month of September, the weather and my workouts seemed to fall into a very boring pattern.  This is part of what caused my blog entries to lag and I will use this post to catch up to this week.  I'll highlight an occasional day, especially if there was a NIACC event.

The weather was most generally sunny and very dry.  My workouts were most generally two-a-days, with 6 to 10 miles around mid-morning and an evening 3 mile jaunt.  There were several evenings when the dog and I nearly walked up on a striped skunk in the dark.  I used a flashlight just in time to see the raised tail and allowed us to stay put while the skunk scurried off!!  A couple of nights also presented a lumbering opposum that also headed for shelter when it noticed Piper and I walking so quickly.

Week of September 2 to 9
After 3 weeks of 40 miles each in total workouts, I finally increased back to 62 miles.

Highlight this week was the Men's XC team at Grinnell on Saturday the 8th.

An unfortunate turn for our lead runner as he became misdirected near the finish and dropped at least 9-10 places and 30 to 40 seconds.

Week of September 10 to 16
Another 61 mile week for me.

Highlight this week was the NIACC men and women competing at ISU in Ames.

Men      Women

Week of September 17 to 23
I increased my mileage to 70 miles this week.

Highlights this week were working the Gene Balk High School Meet on Thursday and the NIACC  women competing at Grandview Viking Invitational in Des Moines on Friday.

Women   We're having difficulty fielding an entire, healthy team as several of the women are treating for sore knees, ankles, or leg muscles!

Week of September 24 to the 30th
My mileage was at 72.

Highlight this week was the Roy Griak XC meet at U of Minnesota (Leo Bolstad Golf Course).

Men     Women

Leo Bolstad Course during one of the races (10 races during the entire day)

Walking wounded after the meet...all six of our women sought out ice bags for their legs!                                                    (Lindsey Brunson took the photo)

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