Thursday, September 27, 2012

And from the ashes...the Phoenix Rises (Part 2)

Monday, August 20
The trip out west and back left me very tired.  I arrived home around 3:30 AM and went to an early breakfast with my wife.  Then home to sleep til well past noon before heading out to NIACC XC practice.

Tuesday, August 21
This was a field trip to some trails in Cedar Falls followed by a team visit to Scott and Sarah Gall's "The Runner's Flat" for shoe and running gear shopping.

Thursday, August 23
Another NIACC field trip day to Pilot Knob.
Hill repeats after the 9 mile trail run
Saturday, August 25
The first XC meet of the season...pre-season at Marshalltown.  A good start for the teams even though there was no taper nor racing emphasis.
Men    Women

I ran easy morning runs and evening hikes to total another 40 mile week.

Week of August 27 through September 2
I continued my morning/evening routine for another easy 40 mile week.

The highlight of the week was the NIACC XC meet in Cedar Rapids on Friday evening   The men won and women were 2nd.  Again racing was not being emphasized during the week leading into the race.

Men     Women

I'm slowly catching up...more weeks to come in the next couple days until I finally reach the present!

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