Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Stu --- Training Through Shorter Races?

I can certainly understand why it's not recommended to build short races  into an ultra training program.  The race will generally be on a weekend when the athlete finally has time to put in the longer depending on how dedicated the runner is to achieving a fast time, the long run is compromised by the shorter race distance or perhaps recovery from the faster effort.  Fortunately for me, my semi-retirement allows for a shift of the longer runs to almost any day of the week.

I have entered a 4 mile race this weekend that is a tribute to a local runner. Stu's dad was one of the first runners I was aware of in Mason City.  I watched Stu develop as a runner through high school and  raced against him many times as he improved at road racing.  I've only missed two of the 23 years for the race.  Therefore, even if I want to put in additional distance on Saturday, I will run the race first and see how the legs feel.  But that brings me back to the point about how a shorter race affects the training.  I want my legs to be fresh on Saturday and they were definitely heavy today, so I cut my planned mileage back and took it very easy.

A blurb written by Stu Nevermann's mother is included on the entry forms:

——— About Stu ————
Growing up Stu loved all sports. Stu played football in 9th grade but weighing less than 100 lbs., he switched to cross country and track. During the summer, Stu traveled North Iowa running road races with his dad Le.
Stu graduated from Mason City High School in 1982 as an honor student lettering in cross country and track. Four years later Stu received a degree in actuarial science from the University of Iowa. Stu married and went on to work for Principal Financial Group in Des Moines. Stu’s life ended abruptly at the age of 25 with a heart ailment called hypertrophic myopathy. He lived his life well in 25 years. He had an excellent mind and didn't waste it. He had physical skills and loved to use them. He had the gift of friendship and made friends easily.

Stu had a distinctive kick to the side with his  left leg.

11 miles this morning all easy paced.  I'll get out again for another short hike this evening.

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