Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mind Games - --- the Stu Race Report

There's nothing like a race to help you experience the mind games that creep in when you push yourself physically. I wanted to see if the work I've been putting in has been helping me as much I hoped.  A four mile race gets you to an anaerobic state pretty quickly.

I saw Alan Mills, a successful age-grouper, at the start line and decided to use him to help gauge my effort.  The start went out quickly and I wasn't very far back from leaders, Chris Jensen and Cody Manchester.  I dropped in behind Alan and after the first half-mile thought the pace was manageable so took off on my own.  By the 1st mile, other runners (that I no business running ahead of) began to pass and I eventually fell into line where I belonged.

My goal today, based on the past and tweaked by recent training runs, was to hit somewhere between 28 and 30 minutes.  Mile one was 6:31 so I knew I was too fast or off on my pre-race assessment. Mile two was 7:10 so the adjustment was taking effect.  Mile 3 went by at 7:32 and this was where the mind was trying to convince me of backing down, saving myself for a longer run tomorrow, not hurting myself on pavement, etc.  But then I realized that I needed to suck it up and just finish this damn thing so went through the final mile in 7:02...ahead of Alan but I had forgotten that local friend, Rick Kammerer, is also in his 50's and he ran ahead me at 27:23 to my 28:16. So I was 2nd in the 50 -59 group but also the consolation of being the oldest 50-year-old as I turn 60 in a month and a half.

There was a good turn out and early morning thunderstorms cleared out in time to get the race in and have the Band Festival Parade.  Watching the parade, my wife and I were able to visit with the Ventura band festival queen from 1942 who was sitting next to us.  

I was pleased to reach my goal time and to get some needed race experience.  It's been a while since I've allowed myself to go into race mode.

Music in the park tonight...Rocket Club.

LoCash Cowboys ... blurred by alcohol?

6 miles around the race..2 more hiking to the parade...another recovery hike tonight.


  1. CURT! Sweet man. Nice job in the race. Well done.

    BTW - your PRs from the 80s on the right ... that 5k best versus 10k best does not really add up.

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  3. Thanks George:

    I think I could run this 4 mile course faster if I were to train for the shorter distance again. The longer, slower miles that I'm putting in didn't exactly provide much leg speed!

    As far as the PRs not "adding up", I'm not sure I understand your statement...the best 5K I ran back then was a 16:37 (doubled would be 33:14) and I ran several 33+ 10Ks around that time but the fastest I could find in my records was the 33:24. Did the 5 mile listed between them throw you off?

  4. I was just thinking your 5k time would be faster with 10k times like that.

  5. OK, I see. I can't think of many 5K's that I ran back then...they were just becoming more popular as a race distance at that time.