Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tale of Two "Shitties"

This day started way too early my wife was scheduled for bilateral carpel tunnel release surgery at 8:30 AM so we were there by 7:15!  Then due to delays, the surgery didn't occur until 10:30 and we weren't home until 2 PM.  

So after sitting all day at the surgery center, I helped get her settled and took off for my workout.  I'm certain that my running strength, right now, lies in my base and my consistency.  This allows me to have made the mileage build-up. It stems back to the years of running that I have "in the bank" and the recent opportunities to put in enough time to get more miles in, regardless of whether it's faster or slower running than what I recall a few years ago.

After last week's increase in miles and my hopes of a quick recovery, I was a little depressed at the onset of today's effort that I felt very lethargic and easily distracted during the first 3 miles.  Then I began to meet other runners including a surprise crossing of paths with former 2002 Iowa state high school xc champion, Ryan McCurnin.  After a brief talk, I took off and, in an attempt to get home as soon as possible, began to fly along the trails.  The first three miles took nearly 40 minutes with all my stops and no actual running but the final 7 went by in only an additional 49 minutes!  That's the best pace I've been able to sustain on trails in quite a long time. Not a bad workout after a shitty start to the day and a shitty start to the run!

So perhaps the base that I have developed is now allowing me to have more confidence in sustaining better paces.  I hope so, because I want to use the next few weeks to cement the base and throw in a little better pacing.

10 mile total in the afternoon and an additional 3 miles after dusk.


  1. Curt - been stoked to see you getting it back.

  2. Thanks George, despite the adjustment to being older and slower, the occasional flashback to faster paces is invigorating!