Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The miles were coming back to me this afternoon so I considered going for 20 but I was still feeling a little fatigue from yesterday's faster/hillier stuff.  so rather than push through another 5 mile loop, I chose instead to take some extra time in the sun.  It is likely to be sunny and warm in South Dakota in June so I used part of today's workout to be in the sun.  I chose loops that would get me out in the open.  So I would hike in the 82 degree sun then run in the shade or woods!  

It turned out to be an interesting workout and was adding another specific aspect to the type of conditions that might be encountered during the race. While I've usually had a tendency to strive for mileage, this year I'm trying to be smarter and add more dimension to what miles I can handle.  So yesterday gave me a chance for some tempo and hills and today provided some sun and heat.

15 miles on the trails and another recovery hike tonight after dusk. 

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