Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bandits...not race intruders but raccoons!

One of the bonuses of walking at dusk is you can sometimes get a bit closer or even surprise wildlife.  That's been the case the past couple nights as I was out for my hikes.   Busy little shapes ahead of me has turned out to be raccoon in more than one location.  They scurry off to the nearest tree then sit there waiting to see if I pay them any additional attention.  Interesting to see as long as they're running away rather than towards. I worked on a rabies project during college and would not want to unnecessarily risk being bitten by a raccoon.

I wanted an easier day again today and it was relaxed.  Turns out we may be travelling this weekend and that could interfere with my plans for another 30 miler on Friday.  Perhaps I'll try that tomorrow if my legs feel fresh enough, otherwise it'll be put off till Monday.  There's no way I'll attempt a 30 in Chicago!

10 miles this AM.

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