Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Too Chipper

There was a temptation to get rolling again today because I was still feeling so optimistic about yesterday's finish.  Curt "The Younger" would have caved in and tried to repeat the tempo, however, Curt "The McDuffer" prevailed and I stayed reserved in order to help promote better recovery.  I would like to be fresh again by Saturday for another long run going in to next week's forced cut-back in mileage while travelling to Texas for the NJCAA outdoor nationals. 

I was amused by the scampering of an Eastern Chipmunk along the trail early in today's outing.

And apparently I wasn't the only one not feeling very chipper today.  Wild turkey are typically very elusive but this guy didn't seem to be quite right and allowed for easy approach for photos!  I didn't see or hear signs of any young ones but perhaps this adult was feigning injury to lure me away from the vicinity of some poults?

6 miles this AM and some additional hiking planned for after dusk.

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